Fast & Pro

Our society in the southern part of Strasbourg (Fegersheim) has the Fast & Pro label.

The Fast & Pro LCV brand is offered only to Renault Trucks dealers who meet a set of strict criteria. It is available to teams in either sales or service who deal exclusively with light commercial vehicles and provides a new response to the specific needs of the customers (speed, quality of service, professionalism…) thanks to :

A special welcome for customers operating light commercial vehicles.

Dedicated and spatially delimited workshop areas equipped with specific tools for quick repair and maintenance works on the vehicles and its equipments.

Technicians, specially trained in exclusive and innovative methods for repairing light commercial vehicles.

Top quality service : maintenance without prior appointment and  full diagnostic check of your vehicle.

For each workshop visit, replacement vehicle, maintenance contract and package… whether you are a craftsman, tradesman, carrier, renter or work in the public sector…regardless of your activity,  with Fast & Pro by Renault Trucks (for utility vehicles), you can count on top speed and top quality. 

The 12 commitments of the Fast&Pro centres by Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks and its dealer network have drawn up a common charter with the Fast&Pro workshops including 12 precise and clearly defined commitments : regardless of the workshop, its geographic location or its size, a customer entering a Fast&Pro workshop will meet the same quality of service.

This charter is divided into 12 commitments :

  1. A free trial of light commercial vehicles without appointment
  2. A single contact from design to delivery of the vehicle (with bodywork) and its equipment.
  3. A complete and detailed vehicle handover
  4. Full take-over of the vehicle and its equipment with or without an appointment
  5. A Monday to Saturday service in the Fast&Pro workshops and 24/24 on the road
  6. Operations taking less than 2 hours done within the day
  7. Immediate and commented diagnostic delivered by hand in the event of the breakdown of the light commercial vehicle
  8. Downtime given in advance and respected
  9. Servicing and maintenance of a light commercial vehicle of any brand
  10. Replacement vehicle available on preferential terms
  11. Maintenance packages, respected and detailed quotes
  12. Workshop work guaranteed for 1 year parts and labor