Mechanical work

CATRA’s mechanical work

Maintenance and Repair :

RENAULT TRUCKS trucks, RENAULT and other brands’ utility vehicles
Semi-trailers of all brands
Utility vehicles of all brands
Renault trucks and all brands diagnostic with a diagnostic tool
Braking bench (on every location)
24-hour breakdown service
Washing facility

Assist you in your everyday work

You can rely on our team of trained professionals who all share the same dedication : to meet your requirements as quickly as possible.
Moreover, we ensure the quality of services thanks to high-performance equipment adapted to vehicle technology.

Our service standards :

It takes less than 60 minutes to establish a diagnostic, with or without an appointment !

Our service offering :


Start & Drive contracts offer real solutions for maintenance and repair. Maintenance of your vehicle is supported and Renault Trucks Start & Drive ensures you a maximum up time of your vehicle. Each contract lasts between 2 and 7 years and up to 250 000km per year, and is adapted to your vehicle and its use.

With Start & Drive contracts :

• With the personalised maintenance plan, starting from the Start & Drive Reference level, you are able to benefit from maximum availability of your vehicles. Therefore, your downtime costs will be reduced and the administrative follow-up will be simplified.
• Reduce your downtime costs thanks to the rapid and effective intervention of the largest network of experts in France.
• Maintain the original performance standards of your vehicles through the unique know-how of the Renault Trucks technicians.
• Reduce your administrative costs by entrusting us with the planning and monitoring of your maintenance program.
• Boost the resale value of your vehicles through a regular maintenance in the brand’s network, with high standards.

• Have more control over your operating costs while benefiting from an extension of the guarantee over the term of the contract.
• Choose a well-planned and controlled budget, spread over the contract period.
• Increase the reliability of your activity and the longevity of your vehicles with the GENUINE spare parts, which are Renault Trucks original parts.

• If you subscribe to a Start & Drive contract, you will receive a personalised membership card. With this card, you will be recognized at any Renault Trucks service point.
• Depending on the coverage level you have selected, repair and towing costs will be covered  through the entire Renault Trucks dealer network in Europe.

Maintenance packages

Those all-inclusive packages offer you the following advantages :

  • Pre-determined costs : a quick and transparent offer without obligation and a predictable invoice.
  • Service time decided when the appointment is made.
  • High-quality workforce :  our experts have been specifically trained in Renault Trucks technologies and products.
  • Spare parts (“Approved Parts”) approved by the Renault Trucks engineering offices,  in compliance with the vehicles’ maintenance book : They guarantee the durability and performance of your vehicle.
  • The manufacturer warranty applies to maintenance operations carried out as part of a package.

Renault Trucks designed its package deals based on maintenance plans specific to each of its vehicles and the expectations of its clients.

Those packages have been designed to gain on vehicles downtime.