Our business lines

Our 5 business lines

Vehicle sales :

  • Renault Trucks commercial vehicles (more than 6 tons)
  • Renault Trucks utility vehicles (from 3 to 6 tons)
  • Used vehicles of all brands
  • semi-trailers

Spare Parts sales :

  • Renault Trucks spare parts
  • Other brands spare parts
  • Parts of semi-trailers
  • Spare parts for coaches and buses
  • Renault Trucks Oil and Adblue products, workshop consumables
  • Specialist for brake components of all brands

Maintenance and Repair:

  • RENAULT TRUCKS and other brands trucks
  • Volvo Bus
  • Semi-trailers of all brands
  • Utility vehicles of all brands
  • Electricity
  • Braking bench (on every location)
  • 24-hour breakdown service
  • Washing facility

Body repair works :

  • Cab and chassis straightening bench (Colmar & Fegersheim)
  • Vehicles painting (Maximum length of 17m.) and construction vehicles
  • Sheet metal and polyester (including refrigerated bodies)
  • Sandblasting (15 m-long/wide sandblasting area); abrasive blasting
  • Mechanized welding work, aluminium and stainless steel materials welding expert

Utility and commercial vehicles rental :

Short and long-term rental of all types of vehicle of any weight :

  • Courier vans
  • Moving vans
  • Refrigerated truck (twin-temperature)
  • Dump trucks
  • Tractor trucks
  • Clovis franchise : over 120 vehicles available for short-term rental

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